"Alma Lux Photographia"

In Photography, it is through light that content or void are defined, the highlights or the shadows, lines and composition, richness in chrominance or luminance. Light is, in the widest sense, the source of everything supposed to be seen. It is also the source of many emotions and feelings, many times brought up by means of a photograph.
Latin is used since it is an internationally accepted expression. The use of 'ph' in 'photographia' follows the same, but also because its use is less obvious in respect to using 'f' (depending on the language, ok). Symbolically is reminds us that the less obvious, seldom seen as something against the establishment or incorrect, may be the root for new and conceptually meaningful ways. Isn't the art of creating Art a lot about this?

'Nourishing light', from the Latin Alma Lux
Alma Lux Photographia
Music by Fabrício Cordeiro, Project Moustache
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