The All Aboard | Family are prepared for families. Teaching the basics in Photography, in a spirit of sharing and cooperation among the family members, from mother, father, sons/daughters, brothers or grandparents. This is an exceptional team activity, bringing the family together.
This is an english-ready workshop.

Min. age: 10 years old / Max. age: no limit
Teenagers and children (age<18): always with one adult, a parent or grand parent

Total participation cost (only for the Workshop):
- Adults (age>=18): 30 € (w/ VAT);
- Teenagers (14<=age<18): 25 € (w/ VAT);
- Children (10<=age<14): 20 € (w/ VAT);
- Mature adults (age>=60): 25 € (w/ VAT).
5h during 1 day
bases in photography
2 to 6 participants
in Portugal, Belgium an further
dates defined with the family
at home, beach, park!
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Alma Lux Photographia
Music by Fabrício Cordeiro, Project Moustache
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