At the heart and root, a creator, constructor, knowledge vehicle, entrepreneur, motivator, fighter and dreamer. In the making of things, photographer, writer, web-designer, programmer, teacher, researcher and engineer, in a creative mix, coherent but different from the "Usual" (I chose not to mention music still, let's see). At present, my interests cover photography (I am Alma Lux Photographia, and it is me), tourism and sustainable development (in Horta Vermelha, with my partner and wife Sónia Melo), web-design and communication.
I've created Alma Lux Photographia during a fundamental period of change in my professional life (intentional, fortunately). It was one of those life-long conclusions that sometimes you get, after 10 years of practice and high-level teaching on Engineering and Research (including the PhD in Telecommunications), feeling to have been successful, with good and useful work and personal liaisons. I took the plunge and
decided to follow along new tracks. This is not contradictory, since my decision roots precisely in knowing I had accomplished such self-satisfying work, wanting to go further. I am also inspired by change, diversity, my dreams and aspirations, as well as by following the best way for myself and for the others (which doesn't necessarily mean the best destination, by itself).
One of such tracks is that of Professional Photography as a business. I gladly sell my high quality photographs, set several exhibitions, and develop several related projects and jobs. I aim at reaching the people, through my Photography, for the satisfaction of minds and the good of what I photograph.

As a Professional Photographer, I apply the same sort of procedure, thought, organisation, planning, learning/teaching and communication skills, so useful in my previous profession. I further add my technical expertise and demand for excellence in the workflow, controlling several photographic techniques.

ALP is both a result and the motivation for the change in my life. It is with a spark in the eyes that I work and aim at satisfying people, through my view and creation at Alma Lux Photographia.
I was born in 1971, in Coimbra, Portugal. Left-handed.
Alma Lux Photographia
Music by Fabrício Cordeiro, Project Moustache
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