The CAUSAS (CAUSES, in portuguese) Photography Workshops have taken place in the Lands of Gerês, of Caramulo, of Glass, Alto Alentejo, of River Sabor, of Basto and of Rivers Liz and Lena, and will function in other (also outside of Portugal). It is made for all people of all ages, to join civic contributions and the protection of cultures to the learning of photography.
This is an english-ready workshop.

More information on dates, places, agenda, prices and all, here:
These Workshops have been created in joint work between Alma Lux Photographia and Nouvelle Photo.
learn in favour of cultures, people and Nature
1 or 2 days (with catering and lodging)
portrait and landscape photography
4 to 15 participants
in Portugal, Belgium and further
specified dates
In the Lands of Gerês 2010
In the Lands of the Glass
In the Lands of Alto Alentejo
In the Lands of Caramulo
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Alma Lux Photographia
Music by Fabrício Cordeiro, Project Moustache
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