The mission of Alma Lux Photographia focuses on you, the mind and eyes of the observer. It invites at abstraction from one's reality, during one's own particular inner moment. It aims to be a source of positive inspiration and well-being, in the observing and imaginative mind, joining together vision and thought. When beauty or horror strike us from within a photograph, we sigh with satisfaction or discomfort. I've chosen the positive side of it. The view is that Photography is a useful positive tool, even for the most careless observer.

On the web each photo is only a beginning. As a piece of art, on the wall of an office or at home, the print with the best quality is very effective. It is an important contribution to your day or for any visiting person. Through this way of being, my teachings and writings on Photography, as well as several related services, I always aim at accomplishing that.

A photographer is also defined by what he/she does with his/her photographs"
Alma Lux Photographia
Music by Fabrício Cordeiro, Project Moustache
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