Awards in Photography Contests (the photographs are presented under Projects & Galleries)
On Mountains,
by João M. Gil & Nuno Verdasca
Forewords by journalist Carlos Pinto Coelho  
and climber João Garcia
Edited by João M. Gil
Produced by Imagens & Letras Editorial  
1st Edition in Feb. 2010
I sell and print my photographs as pieces of art and of environment creation, decoration and architecture (national  
or internationally); through a sensitive photographic view and capacity to engage, I provide photographic coverage  
of places/people/cultures/events, for their promotion, protection and development; I organise photography  
workshops and work on several innovative photography projects (also with other photographers); I also provide  
other photography-related services. All of my work aims at national and international contexts.

Since October 2007 that I've been a professional photographer, creating Alma Lux Photographia. I currently develop  
work in Portugal, Brussels and Paris.

Photography X-Ray

Since when I was around 10, I have practised and read a lot on  
photography. Along my 30s, my passion for photography has  
developed with mountaineering, along valleys, tops, forests, ice  
and snow. The same with my travels and contact with other  
cultures and peoples. Many of my photographs resulted from my  
trips for direct contact and respect for Nature and People.
With time I have developed a style, in the form of conceptual  
photography, by deconstructing the object, with hints of  
minimalism and abstraction. By combining mind and  
photography, I aim at the Aesthetics, the Inspiring and the  
Positive. Humour, irony, romanticisation of reality and parallel  
thinking are frequently present.
I photograph landscapes, portraits, macro and fine art, mainly.  
My works have been recognised in the book On Mountains (with  
photographer Nuno Verdasca), in the conceptual exhibitions  
punctum | photography for the streets, Looooong Shots,  
Tempus Fugit and Vertical Horizons, and the thematic  
exhibition On Mountains, and also in contests. But, still, the  
most important for me is the satisfaction of my clients.
Individual Exhibitions

punctum | fotografia pelas ruas
A photography project by João M. Gil
37 photographs exposed in 37 traditional commerce shops,  
Historical Center of Leiria, 2013-2014

Looooong Shots
The Sol Ar, Brussels | Belgium, 2012

Horizontes Verticais (Vertical Horizons, in english)
Era Uma Vez no Porto Gallery, Porto, 2007

Tempus Fugit
Bar/Restaurant Cinema Paraíso, Leiria, 2005

Collective Exhibitions
Olhares Montanheiros (On Mountains, in portuguese)
Gallery of the Junta de Freguesia de Espinho, with the  
Espinho Mountain Club, 2008
Authors: João Gil and Nuno Verdasca

Olhares Montanheiros
CIM2007 - III International Mountain Congress - Sports and  
Active Tourism with Desnível Adventure Sports  
Association (Desnível) and the Estoril Higher Institute for  
Tourism and Hotel Studies (ESHTE), Estoril, 2007

Olhares Montanheiros
Arquivo Municipal de Manteigas, with Amigos da Serra da  
Estrela (ASE) e Câmara Municipal de Manteigas, 2007

Olhares Montanheiros (On Mountains, in portuguese), at  
Galeria/Livraria Arquivo, Leiria, 2006

Other Exhibitions
“PATRIMÓNIO CONSTRUÍDO” (Built Patrimony, in  
XIII Photography Contest (in portuguese)
OIKOS Ambiente, Leiria, 2005
Conception/Presentation of Photography Workshops

In Vivo Photography Workshops | Engaging Photography
At the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Botanical Gardens of Coimbra  
Univ., Leiria Castle and m|i|mo - Museum of Image in Movement
Since Oct. 2010

CAUSES - Photography Workshops
symbiosis | sustainability | creativity
In the Lands of Gerês, Glass, Caramulo, Alto Alentejo and Brussels
Since Feb. 2008

Hands on Machine - Photography Workshops (1-to-1)

All Aboard  - Photography Workshops (families)

Cultural Photography Programme, with Cerdeira Camping
Campo do Gerês, since Feb. 2008  

Landscape Photography, a Nouvelle Photo Workshop, May 2008
Juries in Photography Events
Responsible for the Photography Challenge at the event ASESTRELA - Gathering with the  
Mountain, and element of the Jury (among other renown photographers), 2009-2013
Member of the Jury at the Creativity Youth Biennial Leiria 2013

Training Attended on Photography
Workshop on Portrait Photography, at Nouvelle Photo, Leiria, March 2008
Workshop on Contemporary Photography, at Nouvelle Photo, Leiria, July 2007

Varied Editorial Photography work, since 2010
Co-responsible for the Web Photo Gallery at Núcleo de Montanha de Espinho, 2003-2007
Photographic work for educational books, for several portuguese Editorials, 1996-1997
Contributions to Photography Magazines

"Photographs with stories behind the lens"
Monthly articles, zOOm Magazine, 2013

Monthly articles, FOTOdigital Magazine, 2008 - 2013

"The Project Looooong Shots", Phocal Photovisions Magazine, Jan. 2013

"Photographing Boulder" (in portuguese), FOTOdigital Magazine, Feb.  
Vertical Horizons
Vertical Horizons

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Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit

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On Mountains
On Mountains

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Olhares Montanheiros,
by João M. Gil & Nuno Verdasca
Forewords by journalist Carlos Pinto  
Coelho and climber João Garcia
Edited by João M. Gil
Produced by Imagens & Letras Editorial  
1st Edition in Feb. 2010
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7th Annual Black & White Spider Awards
People | Photograph "Fragments" in B&W, 2012
1 Nomination
IPA2010 - International Photography Awards 2010
Fine Art-Landscape and Nature-Landscape
2 Honourable Mentions
IPA2008 - International Photography Awards 2008
Fine Art-Other, Fine Art-Landscape, Nature-Trees,
People-Portrait, People-Family
5 Honourable Mentions
“Le Plus Grand Concours du Monde”
Photo Magazine, no. 416, Jan.-Feb. 2005
Selected among the 500 best photographs, among
50 000 submitted
Adventure Photography Award
FotoDigital Magazine, Oct. 2005

Looooong Shots Photo Exhibition @ The Sol Ar, Brussels from JoãoMGil_Alma Lux Photographia on Vimeo.

Looooong Shots at The Sol Ar
Looooong Shots at The Sol Ar

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zOOm Magazine
ALP supports FotoDigital online for Better Photography!
7th Annual Photography Masters Cup
Abstracts | Photographs "I was there" & "The
light(ness) of chlorophyll", 2014
2 Nominations
Uma das 37 fotografias expostas
Uma das 37 fotografias expostas

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9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards
Wildlife | Photograph "Wild Horse Hairdo" in
B&W, 2014
1 Nomination
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